Lila (ladyjavert) wrote in wowgeeks,

I'm the luckiest little orc rogue

So I'm up to my elbows in dirt digging away and I check my map to see what sites I uncovered. AND
One in Uldum!
I'm pleased.
Then i go to the nearest one, dig, and find out OMG another Uldum!
Next site, dig, and look to see were my other site is now, and i have THREE Uldum spots!
I really hope to get some rares here.
I need 2 more Rares and I will have my Professor Title!
So far I need one more rare for Troll and dwarf. Tor'vir is 5 more and i need 2 more for Nerubian. All the other rares I have found.
Technically I could do without the Nerubian stuff because those 2 items are just toys. The other places are actual usable BOAs.
But because I will want those little toys, I'll dig em up eventually, haha
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