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Woes of Equipment Failure.

My Logitech MX 518 Gaming Mouse died on me yesterday, so I had to but a new mouse.

I went to Best Buy because they have a far better selection than Target (which is where I work). I finally decided not to replace my original gaming mouse with another of the same model, I decided to try something new. I did look at the Steel Series World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse, but I decided that I was not going to pay $99.99 for features I just won't use. Besides, the mouse is actually too large for my hand.

What I decided on was a Razor Death Adder. Part of my problem with mice is that I need to find something large enough, that it won't cause me any significant problems with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Too small, and I am in pain... a lot of pain. Too Large, and I can't grip it properly to be able to play games, surf the web, etc. So, switching from my original, to something new is risky... to say the very least.

Well, I am actually happy to say I am quite pleased. Just the right size, and the side button placement is actually better than my previous mouse. So, as I said I am quite happy with my choice. I'm not happy that I had to spend the money, but I am happy that the money I did have to spend, I feel was well spent.

So, add to that the fact that my lady's Video Card died, and I had to replace that with my old, back-up video card (which is still an upgrade)... but that also meant I had to replace the power supply as well, since her system barely had the power to run it, and had to get her a Sound Card as well (since the sound died as well on her system)... so my trip to Best Buy was far more expensive than I was planning for.

That's life, I guess.
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