MisterBaldy (misterbaldy) wrote in wowgeeks,

Thinking about a Re-spec... AGAIN!!!

Here the link to what I am thinking...

Possible Democogg respec on WoWArmory

I switched to Affliction not long ago, and although I like it... I'm really looking to give myself an edge in BGs, and this might help. I could dual spec I suppose, and make this a BG spec, using my pure Affliction spec for adventuring, but I'm not all that sure it would be worth it.

It's just something I am thinking about.

This is Democogg's profile.

Let me know what you think.
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The new spec you're proposing looks solid enough to me.

Have you looked at the trinkets available from the badge vendors? Even if you have to trade down a few emblems to get some of the lower ones, they might be upgrades over what you have. The Triumph badge one that grants hit and haste might be good, too. Have you looked up the hit cap for warlocks? I think that stat would be good to beef up. Maybe Elitist Jerks would help you focus your efforts. I haven't looked at their warlock stuff at all, but I know I need to.


March 31 2010, 12:17:25 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 31 2010, 12:22:44 UTC

Thanks for the input... it's something I have been contemplating for a while.

I've been checking out http://www.wowpopular.com/ for ideas, and I've been combing the various vendors for trinkets I like. I'm looking more for things that strike my fancy, and fit my playing style... more than min/max on the abilities. This has been really my first character I am spending time on "gearing up", so it has been quite a lot of new ground for me. I'm using Democogg as my "experiment", so now as players get to that point, I will have some "frame of reference" to draw from, and be better able to help others as well.

Although Destruction is usually a better build for PvP, I personally have come to like Affliction a lot more. I still love Demonology but the more I play with Affliction, the more I like it.

I might actually try to create a new Warlock, and bring him up the Affliction Tree some time, or perhaps do a Destruction Warlock... but we shall see.

Although I am playing around with a Rogue, and my DK (and to a lesser extent a Hunter, a Shaman and a Priest), I think I want to spend time on a Druid or Mage. I miss playing my old Tauren Druid on that I had on Trollbane. Druid is a lot of fun.

I'm thinking about scrapping my Shaman... I'm just not having fun with Shaman. I like the versatility of the Druid, and I think if I do one, I'll do either Skinning/LW or Herbalism/Alchemy. I could do Inscription with a Druid... but with Democogg, I have a 450 Inscription Rank.

My Rogue does Herbalism/Alchemy... and I kind of like it. Potions and Elixirs help a lot. But, I think for a Druid, I would probably go with LW, although it is a better choice for Shaman and Hunters, because of the ability later on to make Mail Armor. But, LW wouldn't be a bad choice for a Druid, I think.
maybe duel speccing is a way to go ?
I've thought about it, but I'm more thinking I just need to find a spec I am completely happy with.

There are abilities I just don't use on the Affliction Tree, and having those few things that "beef up" my character that are provided by Demonology, it just makes me look twice.

I did scrap my Shaman, and I've started a Night Elf Druid. Druid is very versatile... which is something I like about them. I am also having fun again with a Rogue. I've even done some BGs with my Rogue.