Moonstone A. Wind (moonstone_wind) wrote in wowgeeks,
Moonstone A. Wind

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Yeee finaly

after much struggle and head banging (this may not be a big deal to some but for me and all the times ive been in runs that never finish it is!) Friend said ... hey we need a tank at Arthas wanna go? I thought, ugh another fail attempt at my title... but for him im happy to go. I was wrong.. this pug he pulled me to (Yes I run 25 with my guilds note but they normaly finish up on sundays and thats a 50/50 I can attend. Theve gotten to LK 25 but not yet downed)

One fell swoop later maby 10 minutes at most... and

BOOM BABY!¤t=Kingslayer2.jpg

More pics in the album if wanna dork round
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