Lila (ladyjavert) wrote in wowgeeks,


I can't wait to do holiday achievements!
I had to rename my warrior. I don't know why. I got flagged, i guess maybe it wasn't a name?
Or maybe they thought Sheex is trying to Say "Sex?" ....erm. OK.
I just changed it. As per to my recent talkings of how I was saving the name "Javert" for a Mage and decided it didnt' do the name justice so i kept a lv 1 warrior that i was using for a banker.
I deleted the banker and gave the name to my 80.

Right now my achieves are bugged on the server, as in, i can't buy the special items for the holiday achieves.
It bugs me a smidgen. I mean, why is WoW not being as efficient as they were said to have been?
Oh well. todays' a new day =D
And a new title. <3
I love achieves!
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